Banking Woes

This weekend my bank accidentally canceled my ATM card.

Three days later, a fraudulent charge on our credit card caused us to close the account.

Last night, I did some shopping with cash. Remember that stuff?

It seems like just yesterday, cashiers viewed actual currency with suspicion. You’d hand over a twenty, and they would scrutinize the watermarks, pass it under a UV light, and scribble on it with those color changing pens before counting out your change. Those days seem to be over. Last night I handed the clerk a hundred, and she just dropped it into the register without a second glance.

This banking trouble is slowing down the roll-out plan for Blue Screen of Death. If you can’t wait, it’s already available on Kindle and Nook, but I still need to get it into the pipeline for all the other ebook retailers. I’m postponing that work until the new cards arrive and I get the banking situation back into a steady state.