Sony adds DRM against author’s wishes

It has come to my attention that the Sony Reader Store added DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) to copies of my novel Blue Screen of Death. I do not approve of DRM, and it was never my intention for my book to be sold with it.

I’m not sure why Sony did this. They do not add DRM to all of the books they sell, but Sony does have a terrible history of putting anti-consumer technologies into their media products, which is why I try to avoid purchasing Sony products.

I’ve begun the process of removing my book from the Sony store, and I do not plan to make future work available there. If you were one of the readers who purchased Blue Screen of Death from Sony, I would like to replace your copy for one without DRM. Contact me at, tell me approximately when you purchased your copy and where you live, and I will send you a DRM-free copy of the book to replace the defective copy sold to you by Sony. (This offer ends when I believe I’ve replaced all the copies indicated in my Sony sales statements.)

DRM is not the solution to piracy. The solution is to provide good products at fair prices. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and other ebook retailers have authorized, DRM-free copies of Blue Screen of Death available at a bargain price. Please support these booksellers who honor the wishes of their authors.